Tightly woven textile grain, with MGX MorGuard Xtreme™ cleanable topcoat

NEW SD-737 Caramel

NEW SD-738 Ash


NEW SD-739 Raspberry

NEW SD-740 Celadon

NEW SD-741 Fossil

NEW SD-742 Umber


NEW SD-743 Asphalt


SD-703 Natural


SD-707 Bamboo


SD-715 Sand


SD-720 Black


SD-736 Raven


SD-735 Nightfall


SD-726 Submarine


SD-712 Chocolate


SD-734 Spruce


SD-716 Storm


SD-708 Herm


SD-733 Rhino


SD-718 Marine


SD-714 Ocean


SD-724 Cumulus


SD-713 Rain


SD-727 Periwinkle


SD-719 Blue


SD-725 Siesta Key


SD-717 Green


SD-721 Valley


SD-722 Acadia


SD-729 Chartreuse


SD-706 October


SD-710 Cayenne


SD-705 Crush


SD-709 Red


SD-731 Sangria


SD-728 Pineapple


SD-730 Rose


SD-732 Sahara SD-711 Bisque


SD-704 Khaki


SD-702 Silver

SD-723 Cornsilk

SD-701 White

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(+5cm; -0cm)
 -32ºC Coefficient ≥7
Blue Wool scale
W: ≥27 F: ≥27



Features & Benefits

  • Made in Canada
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Bromine-free, No Halogenated Flame Retardants (HFRs)
  • REACH compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • Superior Tailorability
  • Enhanced Abrasion Resistance
  • No Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • No Ozone Depleting Chemicals
  • No PBT’s (Persistent Bio accumulative and Toxic Chemicals)
  • Contains bio-based renewable ingredients
  • Phthalate Free




100% Polyester

Finishes and Treatments

MGX MorGuard Xtreme™ is our revolutionary new topcoat that greatly enhances cleanability. Tough stains from rigorous use are easily cleaned, and will prolong the life of seats in harsh applications.

Flame Resistance

Manufactured to meet the following flammability* requirements:

BS EN 1021-1 and 2

NF P 92-503 (M2)

CA TB 117-2013 (Section 1-Cover Fabric) Sect. E

UFAC Class 1



US FMVSS 302 – UNI ISO 3795

IMO MSC 88/26/ADD.2 Part 8 (3.1 and 3.2) (Replacing IMO A652)

*This term and corresponding data refer to typical performance in the specific test indicated and should not be construed to imply the behavior of this or any other material under actual fire conditions.

Stain Protection by:

MGX MorGuard Xtreme™

Care and Cleaning Guide

Stain Cleaning Procedure**
BBQ Sauce/Cola 3 to 4
Mineral Oil Lubricant 3 to 4
Sun Screen SPF 30 3 to 4
Lipstick 3 to 4
Ball Point Pen 3 to 4
Exhaust Soot 3 to 4
Mustard 3 to 4
 The rating for stain resistance is based on the following scale:
Rated using CFFA-141 & ASTM D 1308
Scale: 3 to 4 to pass
Rating System
Stain Cleaning Procedure**
No staining marks on surface 4
Slight stain on surface 3
Strong stain on surface 2
No cleanability at all 1
 **The following procedures may be used for cleaning stains:
Removed after 1 minute and cleaned with water, Tex Aktiv and alcohol (70%)
Removed after 8 hours and cleaned with water and Tex Aktiv
Removed after 8 hours and cleaned with water, Tex Aktiv and Alcohol (70%)
Care and Cleaning Instructions
 In general, most common stains can be cleaned using warm, soapy water and clear water rinses. Moderate scrubbing with a medium bristle brush will help loosen soiling materials from the depressions of embossed surfaces. For more stubborn stains, use Tex Aktiv commercially available cleaners* in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Full strength rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits** may be tried cautiously as a last resort on very stubborn stains, if the above suggestions do not work. Indiscriminate use of any solvent, or solvent containing cleaner, can severely damage or discolor vinyl. Always follow with a clear water rinse after cleaning with solvents.

Note: Detergents should never be used on a regular or repeated basis for normal cleaning. Morbern recommends repeated rinsing with clear water after any cleaning procedure.

*When opening a new container, please test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area as cleaning manufacturers may change formula without notice.

Morbern cannot be responsible when unknown changes are made by the manufacturer of the cleaner to their formulations between our 6-month verification intervals.

**Caution: Exercise care as these solvents are flammable. Use only small quantities of solvents and keep clear of any sources of ignition. Wear protective gloves and ensure cleaning takes place in a well ventilated area.