Since 1956, Morbern has designed and manufactured hundreds of performance coated fabrics to meet the needs of many different markets.

Time and time again, architects, engineers and interior designers specify Morbern for stylish products that solve problems and stand the test of time.

Morbern Europe’s wide stock range includes over 450 options, organised by Markets, Features and Fire Retardancy.

Let us help you find the Morbern product best suited to your application…



Continental collection

Continental collection

Adrenaline collection

Adrenaline collection

Splash collection

Splash collection


Sundance’s cleanability speaks for itself!




With over 40 years experience supplying the Marine industry, Morbern coated fabrics are engineered to perform in rigorous, all-weather environments.

Our successful collaboration with leading boat manufacturers and designers reflects our uncompromising approach to quality, innovation and service.





For the most crucial environments, Morbern creates durable, cleanable, antimicrobial vinyls that allow healthcare institutions to provide the best care possible.






Morbern’s easy to clean surfaces are ready to work in the most demanding corporate environment, from the boardroom to the break room.





Morbern’s outdoor product range is synonymous with 4-season resilience. Humidity, extreme temperatures, direct sunlight. Our high-performance coated fabrics are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the harshest elements. Easy to clean and to maintain, our wide selection of stylish colours and textures will help harmonize exterior seating areas.

For larger outdoor projects such as stadiums and other spectator settings, Venue – high traffic, drink spills & popcorn oil resistant vinyl – delivers the most robust, patron proof upholstery.




Hotels, resorts, restaurants and leisure sites around the world trust Morbern to deliver attractive coated fabrics that can handle high wear and tear and frequent cleaning.




Whether by air, rail or road, the long distance travel experience is invariably enhanced by soft, comfortable seat upholstery. Morbern’s Mass Transportation coated fabrics combine style and performance to meet high-traffic seating and interior trim requirements.

From premium leather-hand finish to denim-dye resistance and superior cleanability, the versatility and technical quality of our product range have awarded Morbern a leading supplier position in this sector.




Morbern’s leadership in the automotive market stems from decades of experience and success in automotive and correlating industries like trucking, RV and mass transit.




Morbern coated fabrics are engineered for hard working fun: our wide product range offers durable surface solutions for RVs, caravans, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and more.

Vinyl’s versatility allows it to be used for multiple applications within caravans and RVs including supple upholstery, stylish wall linings and headboards, 4 way stretch ceiling panels and dash coverings. Technical features such as all-weather proofing, cold crack and UV resistance make for worry-free, memorable experiences.