Sauleda WIND, a unique fabric for warm environments. Providing serenity and movement to open spaces.  Aesthetically pleasing, stylized and protective.





LIGHTNESS: Open pore fabric, low density, lightweight and a delicate appearance. In complete harmony with the space that surrounds it.

PROTECTION: Designed to resist and protect. Made from Premium materials selected for outdoor use, 100% solution-dyed acrylic. Great durability even in environments with extreme conditions. Great color resistance over time. Great dimensional stability, water and stain repellent.

FUNCTIONALITY: This fabric protects from solar radiation, avoiding direct rays, achieving great thermal comfort. In addition, its openness factor gives it great breathability.

VISUAL COMFORT: The design of the fabric offers adequate levels of luminosity, with an excellent combination of visibility and opacity. Always getting nice shade without losing the vitality of light.

NATURE: Natural look and feel, and a range of colors carefully selected to satisfy users in any type of environment. A friendly PVC-free fabric, perfected to meet the demanding Oeko-tex Standard 100 certification.

Technical characteristics
Composition 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic
Weight 150 gr / m2 EN 12127
Width 300 cm
Tensile Strenght Warp 90 kg / 5cm
Weft 75 kg / 5cm EN 13934.1
Colour fastness to Light (D65 Natural Day light) blue scale 7-8 / 8 EN 105 – B02
Colour fastness to weathering blue scale 7-8 / 8 EN 105 – B04
Finish Sauleda Protector
Roll length 30 ml



Wind has exceptional outdoor properties, a good maintenance of it is essential for the fabric to satisfy you with a good performance over time. Prevent dirt from attaching to the fabric. Perform a simple brushing or soft suction on it. The more quickly the stains are removed, the less likely they are to become permanent:

– Standard washing: Wash with cold water, at medium pressure. Avoid high pressure.

– Dripped / Stained: Use a soapy solution of water at 30º Celsius with neutral soap. Apply with a light rub on the affected area. Rinse with plenty of water and let the fabric dry in the open air.

– Persistent stains: apply a diluted solution of bleach on the affected area, let soak 10 min. in aqueous solution, clean and rinse with plenty of water. Repeat this treatment in case of difficult stains. Always allow outdoor drying.

Avoid storing wet material. Over time, an application of waterproofing liquid, by spray, renews the hydrophobic characteristics of the fabric. In case of machine washing, avoid centrifuges and temperatures higher than 30º Celsius. Avoid the use of highly abrasive solvents and detergents.