DUO is a fabric specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions; it has a natural appearance, an agreeable texture, elegance, design, is lightweight and provides thermal comfort in any type of boat.

DUO is made using raw materials of the highest quality, and a combination of two excellent materials to form a reversible two-sided technical fabric.

This innovative process gives it a series of unsurpassable properties and excellent behaviour in marine environments, with outstanding results such as durability, high UV radiation resistance, solid colours that are 100% water-repellent, in addition to the benefit of eliminating condensation and a specific anti-mould treatment for marine environments. It is lightweight and very easy to hanble and maintain. Its special design and surface treatment allow the fabric to dry quickly.




Sauleda Nautic Duo offers an outstanding performance covering the wide range needs of the nautical sector.

Stabilność wymiarowa

Dimensional stability

Стабильность размеров

Maksymalna odporność

Maximum resistance

Максимальное сопротивление


Quick drying

Быстрая сушка

Bez plam















Łatwy w utrzymaniu

Easy to maintain

Простота обслуживания

Produkcja uwzględniająca środowisko

Production that respects the environment

Экологичное производство





Water repelent


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Duo is a fabric that may be crafted on both sides. Let your imagination run away and use any side, the outer or the inner side, according to your needs.

Technical characteristics
Fabric Masacril® Acrylic 100% solution dyed   
Coating PVC 1 face
Weight 520 gr/m2
Finish Sauleda Fabric Protector
Thickness 0,60 mm
Tensile strength Warp 150 daN/5 cm
Weft 90 daN/5 cm
Length of rolls 50 ml
Width 204 cm/80ˮ

5 years warranty

The warranty is enforced once the necessary loss appraisals have been made, pursuant to the
following terms:
During the first 5 years Sauleda, S.A. shall replace, either for free or according to convenience, the damaged fabric with brand new fabric, excluding any and all expenses, and shall not be responsible for the cost involved in disassembling the old awning and installing the new one. Please check the warranty terms on the website www. sauleda.com.


-Eliminate dirt by gently brushing or vacuuming the fabric.

-Occasionally use a water and soft soap solution to clean the fabric  (maximum water temperature 30°C).

-Apply to the fabric and then rinse with running water.

-Let the fabric dry completely.

-Do not use solvents or abrasive detergents.

Barrier effect

All our acrylic fabrics have been impregnated with SAULEDA FABRIC PROTECTOR. This creates a barrier effect and reinforces the water-repellent properties of the fabric. Furthermore, it delays the adherence of dirt to the fabric.

It is important to know that agents such as acid rain or bird excrements, and washing the fabric with abrasive products may damage the SAULEDA FABRIC PROTECTOR coating.