DOT® Durable  Snap Fasteners

Division 93

DOT® Durable  is the dot snap fastener to use when superior snap action and holding strength are required. With a reputation of being the best performing snap fasteners of their type for industrial applications, DOT Durable snap fasteners’ heavy-duty construction assures a firm grip that will remain secure through years of use. DOT Durable sockets are constructed to narrow tolerances that ensure consistent snap action snap after snap. The design of the socket including its floating ring is superior to other socket types in performing on heavy-duty applications.

A unique process in the fabrication of the DOT eyelets/posts ensures that DOT Durable snap fasteners penetrate even the most rugged materials without the need for a pre-punched hole.  Various eyelet/post lengths ensure adaptability to a wide range of material thicknesses, and because it is self-piercing, no pre-punching is needed. Available in a variety of eyelet/post lengths and in a variety of Caps, Sockets, Studs, and Screw Studs. Conforms to US Government MIL-10884 specifications, MS27980 Style 2.



Division 92

This heavy-duty three-sided fastener withstands extreme pressure without unlocking. Self-piercingon standard application materials, Pull-the-DOT has a well-earned reputation for performing in harshenvironments.


 Directional Snap Fasteners

Division 90

Strong and heavy-duty, Lift-the-DOT® fasteners lock on three sides and are opened by lifting the fourth side where DOT and Lift-the-DOT trademarks appear. Rust-resistant, Lift-the-DOT fasteners are constructed of all brass or other non-ferrous metals ensuring that they can be used in the most difficult environments such as gun holsters.

Available in a variety of post lengths, sockets and studs to accommodate a wide range of material thicknesses, Lift-the-DOT conforms to US Government MIL-10884 specifications, MS27977 Style 1.

Common Sense®

Turn Button Fasteners

Division 91

These positive locking fasteners will never open accidentally. Each fastener is assembled with a spring mechanism that holds the fastener under tension in the desired position until turned and released by hand. Demonstrating dependable performance in even the most difficult environments, Common Sense is available in a variety of turn button styles that can be used on both hard and soft surface applications.