Textile, integrated into the family of fabrics with 3D structure, spacer and air-mesh.
Until now, the 3D items in the market have not provided good performance in outdoor use, they have been mainly used indoors or outdoors but with low solar exposure. Comfort 3D takes advantage of the benefits of 3D fabrics (cushioning, breathability) to be used outdoors, providing excellent behavior and durability of color, performance and comfort.

Unique features

Comfort 3D is a warp knitted fabric, 3D Air-mesh. It consists of two independent faces of fabric, joined by a net of yarns, which link both sides of fabric to form a single structure and achieve volume. With variable thickness until 2 mm that varies according to application.





Multiple applications

Its use is mainly focused on outdoor upholstery, articles for home-textiles (mattresses, cushions, interior decoration), automotive, garden and offi ce furniture, industrial, military, and the footwear industry. Its main use is to replace foams and neoprene.

Up to 5 years warranty

Comfort 3D guarantees excellent performance in outdoor environments, demanding and intense exposure to environmental conditions. Durability of the physical-textile properties of the article. Tenacity, elongation, dimensional stability and tear. Excellent color fastness in the outdoors, over time. Maintenance of 3D properties. The outer part of the 3D fabric has to protect the internal structure. The article is endowed with a hydro and oil repellent finish.


Technical characteristics
Composition Solution dyed acrylic / Polyester
Width 190 cm
Roll length 30 ml
Weight 500 gr / m2
Thickness 2,8 mm
Abrasion (Martindale test) 30.000 cycles
Colour fastness 7-8 / 8